Next edition goes online

Dear followers,

Due to recent sanitary restrictions at the planned location at ULB we have had to switch to an online edition.

Please use this link to join us directly online for the next Otlet Salon on the topic: What is the role of domain experts in crisis times? How do experts advice and interact with policy makers, stake holders etc.? Not only during Covid-19, but also during the financial crisis and other turbulent times, experts, policy makers and stake holders sit at the same table.


– Mathias Dewatripont (Professor of Economics at ECARES – ULB, former vice governor of the National Bank of Belgium, member of GEES and GEMS)

– Philippe De Backer (former federal minister of a.o digital agenda, secretary of state, former Member of European Parliament)

Date: Aug 31, 2021
Time: 7-9PM
Location online through ZOOM, direct link:

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